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INTERVIEW: President of Kadebostany would say “No” to Beyonce and he presents their new album “Monumental”

Guillaume Jérémie, President of Kadebostany, gives a full interview to a few days before their appearance at the Amitabah Festival on Bolivar Beac Bar, in Athens!

He talks about his first musical steps, the foundation of the band, their vision, possibly cooperations and he introduce us to the other members of Kadebostany. Finally he presents us their last album “Monumental”, which has begun to be very successful in many countries as well as in Greece!

Interview: Vasileia Peroglou
Translate: Anna Maria Nikolaidou, Phea Steiner

We would like to know more about the president of the European republic of Kadebostany! What kind of music did you grow up with and when did you decide that creating your own music would be what you’d be doing for a living? Do you remember how old you were when you wrote your first song?

I came to the world as a blank page and invented myself an history that suit me.

I’ve been listening to all kind of music, from electro to hip-hop via classical and jazz. Been collecting studio equipment for many years
and always been excited to create something that would have a strong impact on the people.

I wrote my first song at 16 years old, a kind of neo classical piece.

Could you imagine yourself doing something else instead of being an artist?

Yes I could be someone else, everything that as in common “Passion”.

Music has no limits but there must be some discrimination. How do you discriminate music? Bad music/good music? Music I like/ Music I don’t like?

I would say Magic vs Normal.


What need made you create a new “musical” republic, called Kadebostany? What kind of music did you listen to back in 2008 when you created this republic? Could you describe that as
a way of creating your own music world?

I had to build a past for myself, a beginning if you will. I was listening to things as diverse as OMFO (check the album We are the Sheperds), Senor Coconut (check the album Around the World with Senor Coconut and his orchestra) and many more. Of course it has influenced me but it would be diminishing to mention only that has influence. Life in general and a wish to create something powerful is my all-time fuel.

Trying to give a sense to my life is a good motor

What’s your musical identity? Was creating your own musical identity a difficult procedure? What does your logo stand for? (two leopards and the star)

I have created my own musical identity: “Sophisticated music for the Masses”.

Was it difficult? Nothing comes easy in this world. But it was great fun.

The logo stands for : “We are the new Colonists of the Pop Empire”

Would you like to introduce us to the other members of Kadebostany, by telling us what kind of music each one likes most, or something special about each of them?

Around 10 people on the road, from Chopiou the nerdy sound engineer to Ross the Trombone player via Kristina the Singer/Guitarist. They all have their own personality united under the Kadebostany
Republic flag.

As the president of Kadebostany do you feel like having a bigger responsibility for the band’s cultural heritage? What is your vision for the future?

Of course I am responsible for providing good music and being in general the leader creatively.

The recognition came from other countries first before you became famous in your own country, Switzerland. Is the swiss audience enthusiastic with your music?

Yes they love it.

Do you enjoy making music at the studio most, or having a concert?



Which artists would you invite to your republic and make music with them, or have them participate in some of your songs?

A mix between famous and unknown artists.

Always excited about new collaborations (contact us).

You stated that you were kind of disappointed when you heard Beyoncé’s voice in your cover of “Crazy In Love” for the movie “50 Shades of grey”. Under other circumstances you would like to collaborate with Beyonce;



Would you like to tell us a few things about your new album “Monumental”? Why did you choose this title?

Because it represents best the music and at the same time it’s arrogant. It’s also understandable in many languages.

It gives you also a positive feeling even without having listened to the music.

Some of your songs that had come out as singles and in the EP “Monumental – Chapter I” are included in your new album as well, in different versions *(Frozen to Death, Early Morning Dreams). How hard is it to decide what the final version of a song is going to be?

You feel it. You work on it until you just say “Let’s don’t touch anything”.

How do you decide in which order the songs of an album are going to be? Do you write specific songs for a specific album or do you include older songs that you hadn’t released earlier? Could you describe us what the procedure of getting your last album ready was?

It’s a messy process. Let’s put it that way, I had 30 songs and just retained the best and the ones that fit good together.

I kept the others for my hard disc and they will wait for a release or maybe not.

Is there one of your songs that has a special place in your heart? A song that you love a little bit more than the others for some reason?

Love the song “Cathedral”. It’s from another world and the lyrics moves me in a particular way.

Future Plans

You state that you are the new colonists of the pop empire! How do you imagine the European republic of Kadebostany in the future?

I believe that it could be a new pop standard. Strange but Popular. Working on it since 2008…

Greece, Saturday 8th of September

Every time we attend your concerts in Greece, and we can imagine the same happens in other countries too, you have something new to present. What do you have in mind for your upcoming concert at Amitabha FEST, on Saturday, September 8 at Bolivar Beach Bar?

I want to create magic.

What do you like about your Greek audience, which is big, and keeps getting bigger?

Their devotion to Kadebostany albums after albums

Could you imagine living in Greece? (We would absolutely love that!)

I could easily see myself in Pireus.

Thank you very much! Looking forward to seeing you live! 😊

Thank you mate!