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New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ IMAX trailer solves a major mystery from the first trailer

A few weeks ago, Marvel and Disney finally released the first Avengers 4, revealing that Endgame will be the film’s title. We dissected it soon after the trailer hit YouTube, looking for various clues about what’s about to happen in the Infinity War sequel. We ended up finding even more questions than answers, not that we expected Marvel to reveal too much ahead of the film’s premiere. However, Marvel did release a new IMAX trailer for the film, which already seems to explain one of the mysteries from the original version of the trailer.

The IMAX trailer is almost identical to the regular one, but it shows more content since it has a different aspect ratio. And that’s why we can glean additional information about Endgame from the IMAX version.

Screenshots from the IMAX trailer posted on MCU Cosmic show that Nebula’s hand is touching Tony Stark’s shoulder in the clip. In the original version, we only saw a hand on a shoulder, with no explanations — here what it looked like:

Image Source: Marvel

It could have been Nebula or Black Widow’s hand touching Stark or Captain America’s shoulder. But Steve Rogers sports a clean shave in the trailer, and the IMAX version of the same scene shows that the man sitting in the chair has some serious stubble:

What this scene tells us is that Nebula and Stark are traveling together in space — well, they’re both stranded in space. And both of them will require saving in the movie before making it back to Earth. An unexpected Endgamespoiler the other day told us that Stark does make it to Earth eventually, where he can be seen driving a brand new Audi.

Per MCU Cosmic the IMAX trailer also reveals Natasha’s hairstyle in the Japan scene. It’s a ponytail if you were wondering; it’s not pulled back into a braid like it was in the promo art. That’s the kind of spoiler/mystery we don’t really care about. But it does go to show that IMAX trailers will always have more content for fans.

The Endgame IMAX trailer was first posted on the Russian Walt Disney Studios site, but it’ll pop up in IMAX cinemas this weekend ahead of Aquaman, which will be released in IMAX as well.


Source: bgr.com