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It’s High Time to Pass Microsoft 70-463 Exam with Practice Tests and Boost Your IT Career!

The Microsoft 70-463 exam is designed to validate the skills and knowledge required to build and administer enterprise-scale data solutions in and on premise together withthe Cloud environment. The test measures the student’s ability to implement database & programming objects, and also evaluate theircapability to optimize and troubleshoot queries, develop troubleshooting & optimization solutions, structure, security, as well as design databases & databases objects.

The exam leads to the award of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) credential, which is a prerequisite for the MCSE:Data Management and Analytics certification. With this certificate, a professional can take up a job role as a Database Analyst or a Database Designer. To earn MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014, there are a series of tests that one has to pass. And Microsoft 70-463 is one of them. Other exams are Microsoft MCSA 70-463 Practice Test and Microsoft 70-462.

After the completion of these tests, a candidate will obtain the MCSA credential. He or she can then progress to earn the MCSE certificate by taking one additional exam. In this certification guide, the focus will be on Microsoft 70-463, which is a requirement for earning the MCSA credential. This test is mainly designed for the ETL &data warehouse developers who create BI (Business Intelligence) solutions with the responsibilities that entail data cleansing, ETL, and data warehouse implementation.

Microsoft 70-463: Exam Details

This certification exam evaluates the capacity of the test takers to complete certain technical tasks. The test focuses on the implementation of data warehouse, as well as working SSIS packages and data quality solutions. Microsoft 70-463 includes 40-60 questions that should be answered within 90-120 minutes. The available languages are Portuguese (Brazil), English, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified). You should score about 700 points to pass this exam. The test costs $165.

Microsoft 70-463:Exam Objectives

The candidates preparing for Microsoft 70-463 are required to study different topics highlighted under the exam content before they take thistest. Under each of them, there are components, or subtopics, which should also be studied during your preparation days. The highlights of these subtopics to be covered in the course of the prep processwill be discussed below.Read on to know where to start.

  • Designing and Implementing Data Warehouse

The candidates for the Microsoft 70-463 certification exam are expected to develop competence in a variety of areas. These include developing and implementing dimensions and fact tables. There are comprehensive details of these subtopics and these can be found on the officialwebpage.

  • Extracting & Transforming Data

This topic requires that the students know designing of data flow and its implementation; SSIS package execution managing; implementation script tasks in SSIS. Just like the first objective, this one has also extensive components that should be studied before attempting the test.

  • Loading Data

This subject entails that the individuals understand everything about designing control flow; implementing package logic with the use of SSIS parameters and variables; implementing control flow; implementing script components in SSIS; implementing data load options.

  • Configuring and Deploying SSIS Solutions

The components under this topic area include troubleshooting data integration issues; installing and maintaining SSIS components; implementing auditing, logging, & event handling; configuring SSIS security settings.

  • Building Data Quality Solutions

This objective requires that the test takers understand the process ofinstalling and maintaining data quality services, creatinga data quality project to clean data, and implementingmaster data management solutions.

Above are the topics that the learners taking Microsoft 70-463 are expected to study in preparation for their test. It is important to emphasize the fact that each of these objectives has extensive components that have been detailed on the Microsoft website. It is recommended that the applicants go through this official page before they take the examso they canunderstand what they are required to study during preparation.

It is crucial to point out that the percentage on each topic area reflects the weight of each objective. Note that the third and fourth ones have the highest number of all. The subjects with a higher percentage are likely to have more exam questions than those with a low percentage. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to learn other topics.

Microsoft 70-463: Preparation Process

Before you attempt the Microsoft 70-463test, it is recommended that you study the relevant resources. You can take a training course that extensively explains the exam objectives.Thus, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed for success in this certification test. You can also check the ExamSnap website to get access to the up-to-date materials, such as video tutorials, practice tests, and braindumps. While preparing for your exam, it is recommended that you schedule it at the Pearson VUE platform. Pay your exam fee and register for your specific test. If the online proctored delivery is not available for your location, you have to choose a testing center to be able to take the exam you want.

Before the actual exam date, you should visit the testing center to familiarize yourself with the environment. It is not advisable to wait until the exam date before you begin to check for the location. This can destabilize you and affect your composure during the test. So, take a day off to visit the testing center ahead of time.

The day before the exam, ensure you have adequate rest. The Microsoft 70-463 testis not easy and it requires your full focus. Therefore, rest properly the day before the exam and wake up early to get ready for it. Have an early start, so you can get to the exam venue on time. When taking the test, make sure you answer all the questions to the best of your ability and don’t spend too much time on a single question.


The Microsoft 70-463 exam can be difficult, so don’t neglect all the possibilities that you can get from different sources and prep materials. All types of resources will help you a lot (be it a study guide or an instructor-led training course). Do your best and good luck!