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Marinates and batters – their crucial role in gastronomy

An appetizing fried chicken in the golden-brown coating has many fans around the world. The flavor of the fried batter, the distinctive flakes, have gained so much love that people decided to try to imitate the effect in their home kitchens. Everyone seems to be searching for that secret flaky coating recipe, including chefs, restaurateurs, fast food restaurant owners, or burger truck cooks.

How is it possible that the coating becomes flaky?

For the coating to have that flaky structure, it is necessary to use a ready batter mix. It is possible to make the batter yourself, although it is very time-consuming and does not guarantee the desired effect every time you try.

In our home kitchens, we can produce the flaky batter thanks to corn flakes. However, it may become dry and a bit hard after frying. It takes months to develop that perfect recipe. Through experience and observation in gastronomy, it can be said that the flakes are not created during the process of frying but during the coating of the meat. There is an interesting instruction on how to coat meat properly. It can be found in the link below. The website belongs to a producer of marinades and coating for chicken and fish.


The importance of consistency of the served dishes

The quality of the batter is very important in the restaurant business. Clients choose to dine in our restaurants, mainly because of the quality and taste of our dishes.

Imagine serving a burger to a customer, but you forget the sauce you had previously used, one that happens to be the ingredient they remember the most. The client may complain about such a situation. Will they come back after the incident? It depends entirely on the service they receive at this point and usually comes down to a discount or a snack “on the house.” It is important to remember that delicious dishes should be consistent so that the clients will always enjoy them and recommend them to their friends and family.

Is it important to marinate the meat? Is it necessary at all?

A chef should never forget about the marinade. There are many vegetables within that soak into the meat and give it a significant boost in flavor. During the marinating process, the meat gets the foundation of excellent taste.

What should be kept in mind when marinating chicken pieces?

  1. The marinated chicken pieces should be of the same size and thickness. This ensures the even absorption of the marinate to accentuate the taste we desire to achieve.

2.Marinating smaller pieces of chicken should last at least several hours. However, it is recommended to leave the marinated meat in the refrigerator overnight. Remember that is is better to marinate the meat for at least a moment than not to marinate it at all.

  1. Marinate and coat cold meat, never frozen!

Why is it so important? First, frozen meats do not absorb the marinade sufficiently enough. Second, frozen meat will release water during the frying process, which will make it much more difficult to fry it and will make the coating soggy instead of crunchy.