01/6/2017 | Category: Technology

Top 10 Google Play apps and content to try this week

Trust Redditors for coming up with a great list of apps and games for the whole Android community. It’s not a list of the most popular applications but of the best deals we can find today. Of course, the list doesn’t just include the free ones but those the developers know mobile users will find useful and interesting. The list comprises of apps from different categories such as games to tools to entertainment among others.

 • KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key

Launchers and widgets are important. Every mobile user should learn to use them to make your digital lives easier. With Kustom, you can make your lockscreen or Android launcher truly yours by customizing the design. Choose any data or information you want to see at a quick glance.

There are so many puzzle games you can find in the Play Store but this one will have you clicking on number tiles around the MNUM board. The goal is to move to a free space by connecting in different directions. The same number tiles should touch each other to connect so they can start disappearing and so you can get top scores.
HD Wallpapers – Full HD

Some people will say you don’t really need an app to get the best wallpapers and background images for your mobile device. Sure, you can easily get many photos by doing a simple image search but not all of them are in HD. It’s recommended that you use a high quality image so you can maximize the crystal clear display. This app features the best wallpapers curated by a team of creative experts. You can use the images as a lockscreen or background image.

Digital Dashboard GPS Pro

The Digital Dashboard GPS app can do a number of things for those who want to see device information in one place. Get your location with map integration, display status of satellites, save track information, or record gpx file. You can easily switch between a bike cyclometer and car speedometer or switch between km/h or mph mode. You can also now view all your track in a web browser or scan a QRcode to upload a gpx file.

Bubble Level PRO

Bubble Level isn’t a game but more of a tool or instrument that lets you check if a surface is vertical or horizontal. Check if it is level without using a physical level meter. App works the same way, even showing the data as measured and indicated by the bull’s eye level meter. This one will be most useful to architects, engineers, interior designers, and construction workers.


While inside your car, it can be easy to enable Bluetooth connectivity so your Bluetooth devices can work. You can use this app to activate Bluetooth automatically. No need to touch your phone because the app can activate when you start driving. Once you are parked or no longer inside the car, the app will automatically deactivate connectivity. App allows an efficient hands-free use while driving so you can be safe and not distracted.


Here is another arcade style game that will make you waste time playing on your mobile device. In this engaging game, you are an Undercover Military Sniper who will do a lot of running and jumping around. Practice parkour in this game of chase as the police are coming after you. You goal is to finish each level where you will need to unlock the Medals of Honor. Reach for that extraction point by crossing far distances from where you are right now.

Launcher for Me

Here is another smart launcher app for people who always want to get things done in a more efficient manner. This one allows personalization of the app drawer menu and Home screen, helping the user save time. It knows your behaviors so it can anticipate search queries. App can also suggest what other apps are relevant to use at a give period of time. With the Launcher for Me app, you can also keep apps organized by sorting them. Feel free to search and navigate quickly so you can be more productive each day.

LA 92

If you’ve got two hours to spend, take advantage of this opportunity to watch LA 92 right on your Android device. This documentary film will show you through the controversial Rodney King trial which happened in Los Angeles 25 years ago.

Student Agenda Pro

School may be over for most students but it’s never to early to prepare for the coming school year. Kids these days are lucky to have gadgets and apps to help them in learning and this Student Agenda is one way to organize whatever they need to organize. The goal is to help the students do well in school and with this app, you can be reminded of deadlines and any other activities in your personal and academic life. Balance is key but first you need to put all information in the app. Make sure you write down appointments, projects, homework, and any other activities that you need to attend. App will help you be more organized and not forgetful of all the important stuff.